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Getting Started
Normal Registration
Step 1:      Internet Banking Online Registration
  • Click on Register Now on the login page.
  • Enter your Account information and personal details, generate your password and enter your email address.

    •   Caution:
Step 2:      Submission of Signed Registration Form
  • After you register for Meezan Internet Banking online, please take a print out of the Internet Banking Registration Form (by clicking on the icon), sign it and submit/courier it to your own Meezan Bank branch for approval.

    •  Caution:

  • A system generated email will be sent to your email address (mentioned during registration) notifying you that you have successfully registered for Internet Banking service.

    •  Caution:
Step 3:      Internet Banking Service Activation Email
  • After your signature has been verified and your online registration has been approved by your branch, you will receive a system generated URL (at your email address) asking you to validate your username and password (generated during online registration).

Once username and password is validated, you can login and start using your Internet Banking immediately.

You can also call our Call Center at 111-331-331 (Outside Pakistan at 92 21 111-331-331) to walk you through the Getting Started process. For problems and complaints related to Internet Banking, kindly email at

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