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As per international standards, Meezan Bank uses all the necessary tools to protect transactions and accounts from unauthorized access. These include Firewalls and SSL certificates - encryption.

No one can read or tamper with information that travels between your computer and Meezan Bank Server(s) because we have taken strong measures to ensure security and privacy of your transactions by implementing 128-bit SSL encryption.

We have put in place the following measures for the security of your data:
  • All information transferred between your computer and Meezan Internet Banking system is encrypted using 128-bit encryption technology.
  • Added security with the combination of Username and Password.
  • Username and Password are encrypted.
  • Three unsuccessful logins will automatically lock your Internet Banking which will only be reactivated once you personally call the Call Center 111-331-331 and give verifications.
  • Sophisticated and highly secure firewall has been placed to act as a fence that prevents illegal access to the bank's network.
By exercising the following measures, you can further enhance the level of security while using Meezan Banks Internet Banking:
  • Keep your Username and Password secret, even from bank staff.
  • Make sure you log out properly after you finish using Meezan Bank Internet Banking by clicking on the logout button.
  • Avoid using Internet Banking from a public computer, especially from an Internet Cafe. This is because the PCs over there often have "key logging" systems which record all your keystrokes. Anything you type would then be recorded and can be used to try and gain unauthorized access to your accounts.
  • Check if your computer is free of virus and update your anti virus with the latest version.
  • Never download files that are of unknown subject & origin.
  • When visiting the Meezan Bank site, make certain you get connected to: While entering your User ID, password and IB PIN for login, make sure that you get connected to
    Please note that if you do not see 'https' do not enter your data. The 's' denotes a secure SSL connection.
  • Never store your login information on the browser.
  • Report to immediately if you find any anomaly, with the related URL address.
  • Make a habit of changing your password frequently.
  • Install a personal firewall to protect your computer from illegal access. This is a very useful tool.
    Examples of personal firewalls are: Windows XP firewall, Norton Personal Firewall, Red Alert, McAffe etc.
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